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going on a mini-hiatus with the start of fall semester (8/18)! maybe unactive at times
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ahh I figured maybe it was time for one of these posts since I have some new followers!

if you want, feel free to add me on steam!

I also have a flickr where I share screenshots that you can use for graphic making (credit would be nice)

and I have two sideblogs dedicated to photography and anime (I swear I watch other anime besides Free! /sobs)

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Video Game Meme / Five Pre/Sequels [5/5] → Saints Row: The Third


the iron bull for tethrasing

He doesn’t have a moral code the way we as mere mortals do. He looks at most species as survivalists, and […] it’s not good or bad.

“The eldest son of a household tasked with protecting the royal family from generation to generation. A friend of Noctis who is closer to him than a true brother.

GTA V coming to Xbox One & PS4 on November 18th