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Crazy La Paint by Paul Wilkie/minimusicman
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The first fan to intercept Mark at the evening meet up.

This is just the cutest thing.

Animals by Maroon 5
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3rd promo single taken from new album, V

Animals by Maroon 5

some days my eyes look super blue
and its freaky

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mythology meme:  [1/2] epics

↳ the iliad (Ἰλιάς)

The earlier of the two epic poems attributed to Homer, the Iliad is one of the earliest works in Western literature, usually dated to around the eight century BC. Written in what is today referred to as Homeric Greek, the epic retells the events of the last weeks in the tenth and final year of the Trojan war. There are many interwoven themes in the poem, but the first word of it, mēnin (accusative of mēnis), establishes the central theme: wrath, both divine and mortal. Another of the most notable themes is the idea of kēr, or fated death, which is tightly bound to both kleos and timê – honour and glory.  

Sky Above, Voice Within by Jeremy Soule
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227/365 │ Jeremy Soule - Sky Above, Voice Within